Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 9: Coffee anyone/ freebie Friday giveaway!!!!!!!

Recently I saw a blog post from the Pioneer Woman about how she makes a large container of iced coffee to last her about a month. This begged three question from me.

1.  Does it still taste good at the end of the month?
2.  Do I even have a container large enough to hold a month's worth of coffee?
3.  Will drinking iced coffee in the morning instead of my usual hot coffee upset the time continuum?

So I improvised and made my own technique and storage option.  I don't have one of those pretty glass drink dispensers that she used, so I just use a regular drink pitcher. The Pioneer Woman also used restaurant style containers and a cheesecloth to brew and strain her coffee.  I'm not going to traipse through the store with two toddlers looking for a cheesecloth, so once again I improvised!

After talking to my sister ( a barista at a well known coffee joint- rhymes with Schmarbucks) I now know the secret to iced coffee and I would like to share it with you!

1.  Brew a full pot of coffee at DOUBLE strength.  This is key so it won't taste watered down after you place ice cubes in the drink.
2.  Pour the coffee into a pitcher and add sugar at this point if you like it sweetened.  Dissolving sugar in refrigerated coffee is nearly impossible.
3.  Each morning put some ice cube in a glass, fill your glass half full with coffee and the other half with the dairy product of your choice.  Except yogurt, because that would be disgusting.

This amount of coffee lasts my husband and me about one week.  Brewing one week's worth at a time is a way it ensure that it never gets that old coffee flavor.

I love opening up the fridge and already having my coffee made.  It makes my morning routine a bit easier.  If my husband is running late for work, he doesn't have to wait for a pot of coffee to finish brewing, he just grabs some out of the fridge.

Now, I probably will still opt for my steaming cup of joe on those blustery winter Colorado mornings, but for the summer, I've found a routine that has added simplicity and elegance to my morning routine.

Now for my freebie Friday giveaway!!!!!  I will be sending two lucky readers a free bag of Starbucks coffee so you can try this whole iced coffee idea.  If you want to drink it hot, I guess that's okay too.

Here are the contest rules.  Leave me a message here on my blog or on my Facebook page "Striving for Elegance" about your favorite "elegance" tip and the reason that's your favorite.  Only one entry per person. I will be randomly selecting the winners.  Check my facebook page and my blog to see the winner's names!  If you are a winner, I will be mailing your Starbucks coffee next week to your doorstep!

 ***Disclaimer****I'm not paid spokeperson for Starbucks, the opinions stated here do not necessarily reflect those of my husband, and any person depicted in this blog is innocent until found guilty in a court of law.  Did I cover my bases?

I look forward to hearing from you and remember to check if you're a winner tomorrow morning!


  1. I like the suggested uses for my canning jars! Extra/old/leftover coffee is also good to pour on you plants outside-as are the grounds from making the coffee good to stir into the dirt for the plants!

  2. I've recently discovered how to "wash" stuffed animals. Having a 2 year old in the house, we have MORE than a few stuffed animals that get drug through everything imagineable. It makes me feel better about the germs in my house, and letting my baby cuddle with these stuffed animals when they are hot, fresh out of the dryer. Fluffy as can be and ready to be snuggled. (Tip is to wash them in a pillowcase that's been synched shut with a rubber band. You can both, wash and dry them this way. Some don't turn out but majority of the ones I've done look better than new!, Love it!)

  3. My favorite post is "dance to the music." It's great for a person's attitude, health, take's no planning or supplies (except a radio) and is loads of fun! I think I have to post this anonymously since I don't know what my choices below beside "comment as" mean. So enjoy your Schmarbucks whoever wins!

  4. I love the post about fresh flowers! I grow zinnias in my little garden and i love having fresh flowers in my house all summer long. When the kids were little we would make colorful vases using old pickle jars, tissue paper and glue, put some of the zinnias in the jar and give them to people who needed a little pick me up! Love your blog, Emily! ~Beth Moorer

  5. I have loved every single post so far! They've all been so inspiring and helpful. But I think I might be most excited about todays! (Coffee) I also follow PW and was still a little intimidated by her iced coffee idea. Your suggestion sounds so easy! And I trust it knowing it came in part from a Sbux Barista. :) I am loving your blog, Em!! I look forward to every day. :)

    PS - BETH had a great idea for the vases above! Totally gonna use that! :)

    Jessica Barr

  6. I loved the post about family traditions. I would love to incorporate more in our lives. I'm sure as Claire gets older we'll have some evolve.

    Thanks so much for this blog. I've really been enjoying it!

    - Audrey

  7. I think my favorite so far is the music blog. You know how much I love music, and I know I sure accomplish more with music on and TV off. I also loved the part about Eva needing a dancing partner. Happy twirling! Love, Aunt Val

  8. Emily, loving your's fun to see the "other" side of you...not just the school teacher side. My tip for adding elegance is very simple...I don't use paper napkins...only cloth ones. My family knows I love the cloth ones and so they always know what gift I want. I 'm not sure what started me doing this...but to me, it's so simple to wash them and reuse...a roll of paper towels last me about 2 months too...maybe it's my way of saving a tree or two.

  9. I love every, single one, but since my perspective is as a mom with 2 grown children and our first grandbaby (6 weeks old), I love the post about traditions. My grown children cling to our traditions, and their spouses enjoy them as well. I believe traditions help to bind your family together and strengthen the family unit. The memories created from these traditions are like glue. Our kids may choose to continue some of these traditions with their families and create their own!!