Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 17: Home Binder Part 2

So, as promised here are some pictures of my household binder.  I also included tabs for our church directory and other important phone numbers that I might need at a moment's notice.  Hope this idea inspires you and feel free to copy or add to it based on your needs.

 Here is my notebook with a quotation about home on the front.
 Oh so organized!
 My list filled out for the day.  Doesn't feel like as much to do when it's all written down.  It seems more manageable this way.
 I like to call it my "Top Goal List" rather than "To Do List"

This is my weekly meal plan.  Complete with ingredients and directions!  Love this!

Let me know if I can help you start your notebook.  It will take a few days to really develop it into what you want it to be, but if you can get your notebook to work for you, it will be a great resource in running your house.

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