Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 6: Fresh Flowers

Ok, here's an easy one.  Add elegance to your home by placing fresh flowers on your table, nightstand, mantle, end table, patio, or wherever you see fit.

 If your an allergy sufferer....sorry this tip may not be for you. You can cut out pictures of flowers from magazines and imagine they were real.

I tried to find a fitting quote about flowers to place in my blog, but they were all lame, so no flower quote for today.

If you have a green thumb (which I definitely do not) you could snip some from your garden and place in a vase, but if you're like me, you will have to travel to the nearest store or farmers market for those flowers.  My favorites are tulips, but alas, those are not in season right now.  I also love getting lilacs off my huge bush in the backyard, but those are done blooming. So I settled on flowers from Wal-Mart.  Hey- flowers are flowers, right?

I think different flowers emit different kinds of emotions.  Tulips are sweet. Daisies are happy.  Roses are romantic.  Hydrangeas are sophisticated. Peonies are feminine.  Sunflowers are energetic. What?  Don't you give your flowers emotions? All the guys reading this post are rolling their eyes right about now.

It doesn't matter what kind of flower you choose.  Just by having them in the house, it will add an air of elegance.

 Did you notice they're in a mason jar?  So cute!

Just by this simple act, it makes my home seem a little bit brighter.  I also noticed that my girls lit up as they saw me placing the flowers in the jar.  There is a happy glow on my kitchen counter from those purple mums, and a happy glow in my heart.

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