Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 18: Tell 'Em What You Told 'Em

On day 18 of my post, I thought it would be a good idea to review what we've talked about so far.  This serves 3 purposes..

1.  Allows newcomers to the blog to get caught up without having too much to read.
2.  Gives my regular readers a good reminder of things they can try if they haven't already.
3.  Gives me a day where I don't have to come up with something new :)

So here we go with a quick recap of each blog post up until today...

Day 1:  Keep those linen closets organized.  Keep things easy to find and in order.
Day 2:  Iron your pillowcases before putting them on your bed.  It's a super simple way to impress your family and houseguests.
Day 3:  Focus on positive things.  Do your best to keep negative thoughts and speech away from your home.
Day 4:  Make your home look great from the outside.  Hang a wreath, mow the lawn, sweep the porch, buy a welcoming mat to put by the front door.
Day 5:  Mason jars are a great way to store dry goods, hold flowers, drink out of, bake in, give as gifts, make into centerpieces, etc... Basically they're wonderful :)
Day 6:  Fresh flowers add such a happiness to your home.  They take a small portion of your budget and can bring a homey feeling to your kitchen table.
Day 7:  Turn off the TV and turn on some music.  Let music fill your home.  Introduce your kids to The Beach Boys, Elvis, Josh Groban, Broadway, classical, and whatever kind of music you enjoy.  Dance in your living room. It's a free, fun way to alleviate stress and bond with your kids.
Day 8:  Family traditions are important to implement to form strong family bonds.  For a list of ideas, you can click on day 8 of my blog and look for ideas!
Day 9:  Keep a pitcher of iced coffee in a container in your fridge to sip on these sweltering summer mornings. For directions on how to make it go to Day 9 in my blog archives.
Day 10:  Sunday lunch recipe.  It an easy, do ahead, yummy dinner idea.  Go to day 10 for the recipe!
Day 11:  In the morning choose to put on your metaphorical apron and serve others.  There are also directions for how to make your own VERY inexpensive apron.
Day 12:  Clean your windows.  Especially the ones you commonly gaze out of.  Removing dirt and grime will give your home a sunnier feel.
Day 13:  Wake up a little earlier in the morning to spend some time in prayer, reading, exercising, etc.. Just an extra 30 minutes will add some order to your morning routine.
Day 14:  Spruce up your kitchen with a set of cute inexpensive dishtowels, a bright rug, or a small counter lamp.  With all the time we spend in the kitchen it helps to make it a sunny, cheery space.
Day 15:  Giving spontaneous little gifts is a great way to brighten someones' day, and be a gracious guest.  For a list of ideas go to day 15 in my blog archive.
Day 16 & 17:  Make a home binder complete with a check sheet to keep you day in order, family budget, important phone numbers, fave recipes, etc..For pictures and ideas you can click on those days and read my post.

Let me know what ideas you've tried and what has helped make your home a more elegant place!

Stay tuned on Friday for our next giveaway!

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