Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 2: Break out the iron

My least favorite chore in my house is laundry.  I'm sure some of you can relate.  There are just TOO many steps.  Sort the clothes, put in detergent, put in softener, switch from washer to dryer, fold, take to respective rooms, put away.  And then lo and behold the next day there's more to do.  This post is inspired by my mom. (Obligatory shout out...........check).

One day I was helping her iron and she handed me a bunch of pillowcases.  I was shocked that someone took time to iron their pillowcases.  I was lucky if I could find matching ones for my girls beds.  Much to my surprise after I ironed them they looked really nice! Plus, they had that country fresh starch scent which is one of those smells that just makes you feel like you were productive.  I think I will start spraying that in my house before my husband gets home just make him think I worked all day ironing his shirts.

I was inspired and a couple days later I took the pillowcases off my bed, washed them and ironed them and then put them back on the pillows.  It looked so nice and neat and smelled so fresh!  I realized that this was an easy way to add elegance to my chores.  The simple act of taking two small pillowcases and making them look pressed and clean added something extra to my room.  When I laid my head down that night I actually laid down face first just so I could smell my pillow and I made my husband do the same :)

So throw your pillowcases in with your next load and iron them right before you put them back on.  It's also a great way to impress houseguests. Let me know what you think!

P.S.- In a few days there will be a giveaway of one of my fave beauty products, so stay tuned and you might just be a winner.  Details to follow!


  1. Such a cute idea!! Are those your pillowcases in the pic??? Next time I'm @ the store I'll get some starch!

  2. I've been intending to come back to this to share my pillowcase discovery. Instead of using the dryer, I've been hanging my clothes on a line outside. The 100+ degree temps dries them in short order and I save on electricity.

    Anyway, I discovered that my sheets and pillowcases come out crisp and smooth, just as if I'd ironed them. I snap them while they're wet, hang them, and smooth them a bit if they look wrinkled. Their own weight pulls them flat and smooth. And they smell like the great outdoors: fresh and clean.