Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 12: I Can See Clearly Now the Dirt is Gone

Driving with a dirty windshield is one of my pet peeves.  I can't stand to look out and see dirt, dust, or pollen smattered on the window.  I probably use my wiper fluid too much.  And my husband would probably tell you that one his pet peeves is when he's driving and I reach over and click the switch to make the wiper fluid squirt.

If driving with dirty windows bothers me so much, then why do I have dirty windows on my house?  I will tell you why!  I can't just flip and switch in my house and squirt Windex on them.  It takes work! My elegant tip for the day is to clean as many windows as you can inside and out to make them sparkle. If all you can do today is the window in your kitchen, then great!  Choose a window that you commonly look out of and wipe it down!

 I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing Pikes Peak, and I'm sure I would love it even more if it were clean!  (Not Pikes Peak, but my window).  With a basset hound and two toddlers, drool, handprints, and nose prints are a staple on our back sliding door, but not today!  Cleaning your windows is one of those chores that you don't realize how much it was needed until you do it.

So today pick one, two, or if you're ambitious three windows and clean them inside and out.  It will let sunshine in and it will let you gaze uninhibited at the scenery.

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  1. I'm guilty of pushing the button when Jonathan is driving!! And I go through soooo much windshield washer fluid.

    So, which window. . .did you do all of yours??? :)