Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 7: Dance to the music

Most mornings the sound of Dora the Explorer and Angelina Ballerina pervade our home.  Today I decided to turn off the TV and put on some music. It's only 10am and already it's made a difference!  Instead of being distracted by the TV in the middle of playing, my girls have read books, played together, and danced in the living room.

Music played such a huge role in my home growing up and I want it to be the same in my home now with my girls. I want to introduce them to music I grew up listening to.  My parents gave us the love and appreciation of so many different types of music; classical, rock, broadway, and oldies.

So today we're turning off the TV and entering into a day of music.  We are starting our day with James Taylor, and we may progress into Josh Groban, or Elvis, or maybe even some Michael Jackson.  Just a few minutes ago Eva was twirling in the living shouting, "I love this music!"  If a two year old can appreciate James Taylor, that's a good start!

Whenever I enter someone's home and I hear music playing instead of a loud television, it feels more elegant.  I want to create in my home an atmosphere of calmness, peacefulness, and fun.  All those emotions can be created by listening to music. I hope that you will try, even if for a day, turning off the distraction of TV and putting on some music.  I guarantee it will change the atmosphere of your home.

 Well, I gotta go, I have a little ballerina who needs a dancing partner.


  1. Okay, so I have to be honest. I wasn't perfect on this post today :) This morning we had fun listening to the music, but then we were out of the house for most of the day and then I watched the Andy Griffith show this afternoon. OOOOOPS! Did anyone out there have a day completely TV free?

  2. That's so cute though!!!! Music is HUGE in our house too!