Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Few of Our Favorite Things Series: Part 1

Is everyone having a good Wednesday?  I know I am!  I finally have some energy after that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, stomach bug.  The sun is shining (even though it's 30 degrees outside) and my kids are all resting at the same time!

So, last week I put a teaser on our blog that Jen and I are starting a new series called "Our Favorite Things."  I know what you're thinking, and yes, Oprah did steal that from us.  This June my little sister and Jen's little sister are marrying identical twins.  I guess that sort of makes Jen and I related, which is what we've always wanted, and aside from her son marrying one of my daughters, this is how it's going to have to happen :)  Moving on......

Kerri (my sister) had asked me for some tips on registering for her wedding.  And here they are in no particular order, my 5 rules for brides and grooms registering.

1.  Register at a variety of stores.  Stores that have the option of ordering online and shipping. This is so convenient for out of town family and guests who may not be able to make it to a shower or the wedding.  And pick at least one store like Target, Walmart, or Bed Bath and Beyond that are easily found in most cities and towns.

2. Register for items in a variety of price points.  If all you register for is deluxe china, and crystal, you won't be getting a lot of items from your college roomies.  It's important to be respectful of people's budgets.  Giving them the option of buying you a $15 can opener instead of a $75 place setting of china, will make your gift giver feel like they've gotten you something you really wanted because it came from your registry.

3. Register for things that you really want.  You may not get everything off your registry, but you might as well put it on there.  A lot of stores give you the option of purchasing the remaining items off your registry at a discounted price after the wedding.

4.  Ask the department stores what perks they have for you, if you register with them.  For example, Macy's does free makeovers for everyone in your bridal party the day of the wedding.  Keep in mind I'm not a spokesperson for Macy's, so if they've changed their policy- sorry :)

5. Quality matters!!! With some items, it may not matter if they're top of the line, but with some it does matter.  You might not need that 50,000 count Egyptian silk sheet set for $200, but you WILL need a vacuum that can do it's job well.  You may not need that $25 Ralph Lauren bath towel, but you WILL need a blender that works for years to come.  Keep in mind when to splurge on quality and when a less expensive version might do.

Hopefully, this helps some of our brides to be, sisters of the brides, mothers of the brides, grooms of the brides, dads of the brides, dogs of the brides.  You get the idea.

Stay tuned for Jen posting about one of her favorite things next!!!


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