Thursday, February 7, 2013

14 Days of Valentines: Day 10- Chocolate Pretzels

I think one of my favorite snacks is chocolate covered pretzels.  Here is a super simple and quick way to whip up a Valentine's treat that's sure to please your sweet and salty tastebuds!  Get the kiddos in on the action and have fun!

All you need is bakers chocolate (I chose white so I could add food coloring), pretzels, sprinkles and food coloring.

Melt the chocolate according to directions and dip the pretzels in.  Let the kiddos sprinkle the decorations on.

My big helper!

I put mine in a mason jar for a sweet gift for a friend.  
This is not an earth shattering idea, but it's a classic snack with a Valentine twist!  Enjoy!


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