Monday, February 4, 2013

14 Days of Valentines: Hosting a Children's Party

Day 4: Hosting a Children's Party

Two years ago, I hosted a children's Valentine party at our home. The age of children ranged from about 16 months up to 3 years old. All of the children brought decorated Valentine boxes and little valentines to share. The moms all pitched in and brought finger foods for lunch. I provided a few activities for the kids to do and they also spent a lot of time playing. It was nice, as moms, to be able to visit with other adults while the kids played. Parker still remembers this party and has been asking me to host one this year. He is going to get to have a Valentine party at school, so I'm skipping the kiddie party this year and hosting a Ladies' Valentine Luncheon on Saturday. I will be sure to share more about that later. For now, here is the info. on the children's party from two years ago. I hope this will inspire you to have some fun with your children. If you don't have small children, host a party with the kids from your Bible class, neighborhood kids, etc. My granmomma loves to have the little children from her Bible class over to make pizzas, decorate cookies, play games, etc. I know the children always appreciate her thoughtfulness and love for them.

Party Prep
I made a "Be Mine" banner with my Cricut di-cutting machine, tissue paper pom poms to hang from the ceiling, and I covered my dining table with brown craft paper. Parker and I decorated his Valentine box to look like a "love boat" and Natalie's was just a cute, girly box. I also bagged up animal crackers and little candies for the party favors.

The day before the party, I made sugar cookies with my kids to serve to all of their little friends. Parker had a lot of fun dumping sprinkles on to the cookies! I've found that it's easier to put various toppings into muffin tins, then let the kids use tiny spoons to sprinkle with. When we made these 2 years ago, Natalie was more interested in trying to turn the cookie cutters into bracelets! ha! Now, she is my cookie making QUEEN!

These pictures bring back such precious memories. At this time, Parker was absolutely infatuated with King Arthur and all things knight. For Halloween he had been King Arthur, and by February he was still sporting his cape and crown, daily. Sweet boy.

I printed off some Valentine coloring sheets that I found free on the internet, and we also glued marshmallows onto construction paper, in the shape of a heart. Most of the kids loved doing this, however one boy just loved eating his marshmallows, glue and all! ha! The kids also enjoyed passing out their valentines and putting them in their friends' boxes.

I hope you will find some ideas here that you can use and turn into your own fun little party!
~ Jennifer

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