Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day22: Micro-managing- sweating the small stuff

Today isn't necessarily a tip for making your home more beautiful, but it's a tip for making your life more beautiful.  Enter my musings on micro-managing.

If you've been following my blog lately, you will know that we've recently moved into a new house and rented out our other house.  It makes me crazy wondering what the renters are doing to the inside of my house.  Are they the people they claimed to be on their application? Will they take care of the house?  Will they have wild parties in it?  Will they water my flowers and trees that I've planted?  Will they....and the list could go on and on.

I need to stop obsessing and realize that I can't control what other people do.  I can't live every day in fear that one of my plants out front might die because they forgot to water.  I need to let go and stop trying to manage every detail of my life, let alone someone else's life.  For me it's my rental house, for you it might be your kids, or your husband, or your job.  If we want to lead elegant lives, we must realize that the only person we can truly control is ourselves.  Outside of that we can control our attitudes about what others do or fail to do.  Sidenote:  I'm not advocating letting your children run wild because you shouldn't control them.  You should obviously take disciplinary cautions with your children, but so what if they want to make a mess in their rooms, or so what if they get peanut butter on their brand new shirt.

I could go crazy with the "what-ifs" in life, but today I choose to not do that anymore!  Today I'm choosing to relax and let the little things work themselves out.  I need to put my annoyances, concerns, worries, and hypothetical "what-ifs" in a box and hand them over to God.  He is the ONLY one truly in control of EVERYTHING.  And I know that He will take care of me.  So join me in the "control freak support group" of life, and together we can overcome our tendencies to sweat the small stuff.

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