Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 21: Tissue paper, gifts bags, and wrapping....OH MY!

I don't know about you, but I love to save my gift bags from birthdays, showers, and Christmas.  It saves us hundreds of dollars to keep them and not have to buy a gift bag each time there is some occasion.  However, when it came time to wrap gifts my blood pressure would raise ever so slightly because I didn't have the gift bags and wrapping organized.  They were shoved in the back of my daughters closet. I would have to duck under her clothes and search in a closet, without a light, to find a gift bag.  I would have to make sure it was the right size, for the right occasion, and don't even get me started on having to find tissue paper that matched that bag.  Whooooooo....that made my blood pressure rise just typing about it.

Well those days are over!  I am going to show you how I organized my wrapping and how you can too!  That way when those elegant gift giving occasions arise, you too can be prepared.

I used a 3 drawer nightstand that we didn't need anymore.  You can always buy those plastic bins with drawers and wheels at Target or Walmart.  In the top drawer I put all the tissue paper, in the second drawer I put gift bags for birthdays, showers, or just plain bags.  In the third drawer I put all my Christmas gift bags.  I set aside a large gift bag to hold my rolls of wrapping paper, odd sized gift tins, ribbon, and "to-from" tags.  Here are my before and after pictures.

 Now you can see why my blood pressure would rise.
 AHHHHHH.......after.  This is the large bag holding odd sized tins, wrapping paper, etc.
 Here are the drawers with the neatly folded gift bags.
Here are all my goodies for wrapping gifts!

Now I'm hoping that a gift-giving occasion presents itself soon so I can open my neat drawers and easily find a gift bag to wrap a present.  I hope it needs lots of tissue paper too, because I know where to find it now!

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  1. my big bad with rolls kept tearing up so I used an extra large kit. type trash can that I washed up.