Friday, December 14, 2012

Giveaway Time!!!!

What would make your holidays more jolly?  How about a treat just for you?  Jen and I are doing our first giveaway!  Keep reading to find out more....

I did a post awhile back on family traditions, but let's talk about mainly about Christmas traditions.

As my children get older and they are able to do more, it's important to my husband and me to formulate traditions that our kids will remember for years to come.  In our family we watch one Christmas movie each week, we all decorate the tree together, make ornaments, and other crafty things. Then my mom and I will make a boatload of sugar cookies and we all get together with the kids, sisters, husbands and have a cookie decorating contest.  We lay them all out on my mom's kitchen island and anyone who comes over has to vote for the best cookies.  My mom, and sister Molly ALWAYS win.  No, I'm not bitter at all.   These are not earth shattering traditions, but they are important to us.

I would love to hear what your traditions are during the holiday season.  And here is where our giveaway happens!

 Go to our Facebook page, "Striving for Elegance."  "Like" our page if you haven't already, then post your favorite family tradition.  For posting your tradition you will have you name entered ONCE into the drawing, if you also post a picture of your tradition, you will have your name entered TWICE!!!  All entries must be received by Thursday, December 2oth. We will do the drawing on Friday, December 21st and announce the winners.  You could win a gift card  to Starbucks, or Target.  So break out those cameras, and let us know what your favorite family Christmastime traditions are.


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