Thursday, April 25, 2013

Organization: Grouping Like-items

Hi Friends!
Do ya'll have organized linen closets by now? What about your recipes, are they categorized and filed into neat binders? Have you made your monthly grocery shopping list? No? Well, not to fret. It takes time to get organized, it certainly doesn't happen over night, or with the snap of your fingers. Hopefully you HAVE been inspired to do some organizing, as it sure does help the home to run more smoothly.
Tonight I want to share a simple idea. If you haven't already done so, go through your kitchen and organize like-items together. Your measuring spoons and cups, mixing bowls, spices, etc. should all be located near your mixer, if possible. I realize that not everyone has room in their kitchen to organize these items together, but it sure does make working in the kitchen easier when the tools you need are close by.
I want to share a few pictures of the "coffee corner" in our kitchen. We have a dedicated cabinet for coffee mugs, cappuccino cups, coffee, sugar/creamer bowls, stir sticks, sweetener packets, coffee filters,  etc. All the items we use when preparing coffee for ourselves or for company, we keep in this cabinet. Want to know what's even more helpful? The coffee cabinet is located directly above our coffee maker, grinder, and espresso machine. Yes, we planned it this way. It makes coffee prep in the morning so much easier, and let's be honest, before I've had my cup o'joe, I really need things to be easy.
If you have the room to move things around in your kitchen, try this technique. It's not rocket-science, it's just working the lay-out of your kitchen to your advantage.

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