Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 30: Final thoughts

Even though this is day thirty, it's not my final post.  I'm planning on continuing this blog, but there will be some changes.  Each month with be a different 30 day quest theme.  There won't necessarily be 30 posts on that specific topic, but for example the month of October might be "30 day quest to becoming closer to your spouse" and November might be "30 day quest to organize your life".  I'm not professing to be an expert in any of these areas, but I hope you will be able to take something from each month's topic. I will also be adding in another blog author, my good friend Jennifer Reynolds.  She is a mother of two and a wonderful Christian woman with some great insight. We will be taking turns posting on this blog. I'm super excited about the changes, so stay tuned.

Now onto my final blog post. I pondered what to write about for my 30th day.  I decided to simply write some closing thoughts on what it means to be elegant.  Elegance is a state of mind.  It's a decision to make your life and your home pleasant.  Elegance is not the quest of getting and acquiring things, it's the quest of being content with the things you have.  It's a quest to make your home a beautiful and comfortable place without spending too much.  Simple changes in your everyday routine and finding beauty in commonplace items add elegance.  Iron your pillowcases, organize a closet, put fresh flowers in a mason jar, be positive, serve others, shine your kitchen sink and you will be well on your way to an elegant life. Elegance can be manifested in your home, but it starts in your heart.

Remember, strive for elegance, not luxury.


  1. Em,

    I just LOOOVE this and I'm happy to hear you are continuing your blog! Yay! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Looking forward to more great posts! Thank you for taking time to encourage us! :)